Thu, 14 Aug 2003


first post!

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I'm playing with blosxom now. Hopefully it will be easier to maintain than my hodgepodge kludge of Perl scripts, XSLT, XML, Makefiles, and Javascript, but, as always, we'll see.

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Name/Blog: Flavio
Title: urnpYdePMLOQHRvWzvR
Comment/Excerpt: I find myself using CUIL more and more. The sacreh results tend to be more relevant than those of other sacreh engines (Google tossed relevance out the window years ago) and the layout is superb.They do still have some problems and the lack of advanced query operators ensures they won't be my primary sacreh engine for some time. But their work is impressive.This is the best entry into sacreh technology that I have ever seen. If they follow historical trends, they'll probably become a major contender within about 2 years (but I would not bank on them becoming a force in less than a year).

Name/Blog: Firdovsi
Title: bfrpLbgMirutNq
Comment/Excerpt: I like Opera, and I liked Firefox until its most recent virseon, which is absolutely awful on account of the search bar. I can now see only half the sites I used to see when I click on the small down arrow, and I see a lot of crap (e.g. company slogans and logos) that doesn't belong in a search bar. Terrible and no wonder Firefox's share went down while Chrome's went up. If Firefox doesn't fix it, I will uninstall the program from my computer.On another note: I'd trust Microsoft with my data before I'd trust Google. It's not that I hate Google a personalized iGoogle page is my home page it's just that, well, I don't really trust it.

Name/Blog: Karen
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Comment/Excerpt: You've all heard of The Silent Majority'?I think you're all overlooking an obuovis fact and in the process insulting a lot of people..I am a heavy web user and a web developer and I, like a lot of other people, use IE because I like it!Not because I'm forced to use it or mis-guided or plain stupid just because it works!All you MS haters and web snobs just keep on pretending that every other browser out there is better than IE and I'll keep on using a simple and efficient browser where I don't have to worry what plug-ins will work or not.Security? Get an anti-virus!!!

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