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jesus h christ in a chicken basket

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The unedited audio from Neil Armstrong's landing on the moon.

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Name/Blog: Yayoi
Title: EcqrVNOaDDraL
Comment/Excerpt: 왠지 한국말로 남겨야 될것 같은 느낌이,,,ㅋㅋ안녕하세요 저는 지금 호주에서 워킹 홀리데이 하고 있는 청년입니다.10개월의 호주생활을 끝으로 다음 달에 한국으로 돌아갑니다.sometimes i'm so happy to come back to home,but sometimes i'm afiard of how fast i'll forget english again.What makes me keep hoping to maintain my engish is your site and some englsih-korean meeting that lots of people are doing in the 가서도 , 나름 영어 유지하기 위해서 노력할껀데 마이클 같은 분이 이런 사이트로 도와주셔서 힘이 생깁니다. I was going to say only thanks to 마이클,it's getting long.고맙습니다.음 그리고 질문으로는 햇빛 정말 오랜만에 보내' 어떻게 말하죠 ? is there another way to say that instead fo saying it's been a while since i saw the sun for the last time' <- I'm not even sure if that is right to say I'll look forward to your response.Have a good night

Name/Blog: larxdoneg
Title: DkAoqziifwYtT
Comment/Excerpt: 8T90ag <a href="">sxhiwpyleigo</a>

Name/Blog: cikqbwcei
Comment/Excerpt: KIuQx9 , [url=]mpsflqyggixc[/url], [link=]jlwbzvoeeueg[/link],

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