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Viggo Mortensen seems like a pretty cool guy. (link from deconstruct life.) I had only previously known him from films such as "A Perfect Murder" (which was apparently a remake of an Alfred Hitchcock movie—"Dial M for Murder" which is something that I apparently need to watch) and "The Prophecy" (where he plays, of all people, Lucifer and where Christopher Walken plays the angel Gabriel turned evil—the movie was pretty cheesy but watching Christopher Walken was pretty entertaining.)

But Mr. Mortensen went up greatly in my esteem when I discovered that he was one of the few actors with the guts to openly oppose the invasion of Iraq.

Which reminds me of this awesome quote from The Lord of the Rings—by Faramir, not Aragorn—which was regrettably omitted from the movie:

I do not love the sword for its brightness or the arrow for its swiftness, but for what they defend.

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Name/Blog: Anel
Title: eWXhWNukMuX
Comment/Excerpt: Seriously, don't sweat them. Real life gets in the way and all you can do is compromise it with what you want and what you need to do. Some peolpe don't seem to understand that. Or maybe they do and just don't care and think that you're doing them a service instead of just wanting to share a story with them on your own free time. Keyword being free time .I am amazed at the amount of sheer entitlement peolpe have in this day and age. Not just for webcomics but for just about any form of entertainment media. I'm sick of hearing peolpe demanding that things go their way at the expense of what the creator intended just because they didn't like it. Seriously, those type of peolpe need a life, preferably one away from the keyboard. All in all I'm glad you're doing better and that you got job and I just hope you'll be able to continue to share your story with us, rather the updates be late or on time. :)

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