Fri, 19 Mar 2004


tossing salad with oprah winfrey

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Sorry for the scatalogical post, but I thought this was hilarious: tossing salad and rainbow parties explained to Oprah. But there is a more serious component to it: the fact that the 1st amendment is being abridged.

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Name/Blog: Nasko
Title: Attwittsend / Th
Comment/Excerpt: Attwittsend / The little green tag over the Constitution logo has a date of July 5th for this event. Think the tag is suppsoed to read Sept. 17th. Just to avoid confusion with the July 5th date for the Heroes SSB date. Kind of blew my mind at first trying to figure out how he was going to be in two places at once! LOL Love that David has another full set to play with the band so fans can see him!

Name/Blog: Lucia
Title: Remember, you're w
Comment/Excerpt: Remember, you're working with full HD video, so unelss you have a multi-core processor, 8+GB RAM and a decent video card (like one with CUDA), you will not get real-time playback with HD video in any video editing software.@Pete listed one of the workarounds that I mentioned at floating around on the Internet. There are others as well, like changing file extensions from .mov to .mp4, installing different versions of QuickTime, etc. But as you found, they don't work for everyone.The newest versions of Vegas seem to handle footage from Flip-style cameras fine but if not the only surefire option is to transcode your videos into a format supported by your video editing software.

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