Wed, 11 Aug 2004


eating your relatives

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Dude. This is one seriously fucked up family. As if goosing a woman is a worse offense than eating your cousin.

Man stabs cousin and serves cousin to a wedding reception.

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Name/Blog: Rossellina
Title: CanWEA was also not
Comment/Excerpt: CanWEA was also not contacted by the fimarlkems to provide comment, background, or context with respect to wind energy development across Canada The CBC Documentary wasn't about wind energy development across Canada (where in primarily-coal-burning jurisdictions it makes some sense). It was about Ontario, which burns very little coal, no thanks to wind, and where wind power makes no sense. The issues of audible sound and infrasound were laid out accurately and clearly.CANWEA's rebuttal was very wordy. They dost defendeth too much. Seems the CBC Documentary struck a well-deserved nerve.

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