Sat, 25 Sep 2004


scrabble and the meaning of life

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There is this Flash animation that tells the story of a woman who believes God talks to her through Scrabble, which entirely reminds me of a particular scene from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy trilog—or should I say pentology. In that scene, the protagonist of the book, Arthur Dent, who is one of the last living inhabitants of Earth AKA the largest computer in the Universe which was computing the question to the answer of life, the universe, and everything. As is well known, the answer is 42. Unfortunately, the Earth is destroyed right before it figures out the answer, so Arthur decides to see if somehow the answer if encoded in his brain, and he starts blindly picking out Scrabble tiles from a bag. The question that he comes up with is "WHAT DO YOU GET WHEN YOU MULTIPLY SIX BY NINE," leading him to comment that he's always thought that there was something intrinsically wrong with the universe.

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Name/Blog: Daniel
Title: Daniel
Comment/Excerpt: Time,How do we find the TIME to plan when everyone is doing more for less? I teach my 3 ceassls then co teach 4 other ceassls. I need time to plan with my co-teachers I walk with one teacher during her 15 minute lunch duty, stop in when I have a conference (which is not often due to ARD meetings and other Sp Ed obligations ) stay after school for shared planning time (when other meetings do not interfere) come early before class and even meet during lunch, when I am not doing tutorials with students or other meetings. There seems to a shortage of time, all around any ideas? And I have very small ceassls, nothing the load like my co teachers have.Oh and we text and email ideas and lesson plans.

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