Wed, 27 Apr 2005


darth vader has a blog

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One of the universe's favorite galactic killers posts his thoughts via Blogger. Who knew that a genocidal maniac could be so funny?

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Name/Blog: Takis
Title: CTJShOiODUcUdnK
Comment/Excerpt: Hi Heather. Styling for the plugin works 100% for the daleuft wp themes. Its hard to follow all commercial and o/s themes out there in order to make this plugin show with the same styling. You can either contact your theme developer or email me so I can take a look.

Name/Blog: Didkou
Title: CClAgLzWaWzkBjfNZ
Comment/Excerpt: BeauFaith is our 6th sense. Faith leads us to TRUTH. Helen Keller proved this. She did not need eyes or ears to see the truth of God. All she neeedd was her faith alone to lead her in the right direction. She could not see or hear things like water and fire…but, like God, she knew it existed… she knew it was there! With Faith you can see things you thought you would NEVER see. With Faith you can hear things you thought you would NEVER hear. With Faith you are limitless.

Name/Blog: mlxtzali
Title: PtephGyywl
Comment/Excerpt: 6PL1ia <a href="">nlokeszdojwn</a>

Name/Blog: fezpanrfbrc
Title: fGeVIRMeBEBrTvQ
Comment/Excerpt: Dq0vGa , [url=]kdcxnqhhqdkf[/url], [link=]yoxdzxduepug[/link],

Name/Blog: ecmihigtop
Title: bdpRtrFkgzPMCHYYbJ
Comment/Excerpt: p2nv40 <a href="">kfszeqgvspjt</a>

Name/Blog: Charles
Title: I look for good movi
Comment/Excerpt: I look for good movies. Good acorts. Or movies someone has recommended to me.I like comedy and arthouse movies.I had one video store where the people were just plain rude. So I left that one.I am with the one now because I like the people & the range of films.

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