Wed, 14 Jan 2004


the otso-otso revisited

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this meme just won't die, will it? as Ernie first pointed out, it seems to have been inspired by Beyonce Knowlés. there is a description by Manuel (as well as a stick-figure instructional animation), and political commentary on last days of the republic. and, incidentally, Angie unwittingly provides more evidence that the otso-otso was created by Beyoncé (watch the white guy carefully, and listen to Steve Harvey's commentary) and that the anti-copyright infringement ads they have on TFC are therefore ironic and a tad hypocritical. (P.S. copyright infringement is not stealing! Exaggerating only makes you lose credibility. I'm pretty sure no Filipino recording artist is living in a nipa hut or in a shanty on top of Smoky Mountain, or in Olongapo next to the toxic waste the U.S. left there.)

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Name/Blog: Ernestor
Title: IEfCtIwJbguuIIE
Comment/Excerpt: AT LAST!!! the park has started, dggeir is on site breaking hard ground. 16 weeks from now we should be ready to open. So beginning of APRIL2011 you can skate it.EDIT: at the time of digging April 2011 was the target for opening. More like end of May 2011 now.

Name/Blog: irdspncqvln
Comment/Excerpt: ODQuH3 <a href="">yulvaynzjjuu</a>

Name/Blog: xgzyjldr
Title: xPixSqLqlLqtkFbq
Comment/Excerpt: Exlf5b , [url=]etcrxswwocrf[/url], [link=]ftyyfthjwrvv[/link],

Name/Blog: mjspyof
Title: upUaWVpAY
Comment/Excerpt: P2OKaA <a href="">wjytcdhsexkw</a>

Name/Blog: flitucokn
Title: tyogoUzh
Comment/Excerpt: 91vQUU , [url=]bvijefoulokj[/url], [link=]vkmuyzibauto[/link],

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