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the other wind/the war of souls

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I just finished the War of Souls, the latest trilogy in the Dragonlance universe by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. (Thanks, E, it was a good read.)

What struck me was the similarities between the trilogy and Ursula K Le Guin's The Other Wind, the latest in Earthsea Saga. Now, the first book in the DL trilogy came out a year and a half before the Earthsea book. But the last book in the DL trilogy came out a year later, and Le Guin actually had already explored the issue somewhat in The Farthest Shore.

What am I talking about? * SPOILER WARNING *

  1. The importance of dragons, particularly in human form.
  2. The relationship of the dead with magic.

The first one is just some interesting trivia. I don't know enough about dragon legends to know whether or not this holds true across literary universes. But, in both series, dragons can shift in and out of human form. Other things I need to check out: I know for certain that in Earthsea, the language of Dragons is the same as the language of magic (and because of the way magic is based on true names, Dragons can't help but tell the truth.) Is this true in the DL universe? Anyway, both series are centered around dragons.

The second thing is the heart of the similarity. In both universes, magic exists only because of the dead, and is rapidly draining out because of the dead. While in tWoS (not to be confused by tWoT mind you), this is somewhat more of a gimmick, in tOW, Le Guin, among other things, uses it to expound on concepts of freedom and slavery.

And, another surface similarity that I realized: both the trilogy and the book redefine their respective unniverses.

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Title: VGEzKpwbCq
Comment/Excerpt: i dont think anduril dosnet knills for name wizards.it has bean rebladed,so it holds lots of the narsils qualitys.its like it holds two sauls its at least twice as hard to control anduril than anything else.like only the creator of a shade can unite with him,he cant control the unification of the sword.anduril-narsil is bond to its waver,which fills the space.i dont think its even possible for ged to use two names at the same time he only have one himself besides,magik of the middle earth is godly and dills with all the world.mostly you cant even sea it becaus it intervenes with the magitian. anduril can hold the power of the loyalty of the army of the dead.it can definatly beat one namer trying to get power over it.ged can only name what he seas and cant create.he can use fireballs,but then he must turn air into hydrogen to mantain it all the time-a preaty defecault thing.he must consntrate on many things.aragorn only has to hide between the woods to hide,then surprise him to get clowser.since ged is can onnly control his inviorment and summon,he has a problem at close range,wher massive earthquakes are not effective and hearts him to.no magical barrier can stop abduril,its the swords nature.ged can only delay hes death using mud traps and spieky woods and its logical that aragorn has a small squad of knights with him wile hes traveling besides as i mentioned,magic in the middle earth is more rare and is engraved in the essence of things.aragorn knowes hw to fight magical beings.he have beaten most of the nazgul together!it might not be seamed,but those craetures are as strong as small god,and like gandalf teou power isnt seen unless hes fighting a balrog there might is hidden.the power of temptaition,madnese and betrail and he defeated them.its true that like in middle earth,evil in eath sea is about fighting yourself to,but wile aragorn has to fight a wizard-he himself a warrior.ged dosnet have to mach of combut expiriancr.

Name/Blog: Iwan
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