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Ftrain discusses Processing, which is a layer above Java. Why does this make me think of Logo?

Does anyone remember Logowriter? This is what they taught us with in 7th grade, although I had discovered Terrapin Logo earlier. I used it on an Apple IIC at school, but was able to obtain a copy for my Commodore 64 at home. I remember trying to implement some of the things Logowriter could do in Terrapin Logo, without succeeding.

Strangely, I grew jaded with the turtle, and started trying to exploit Logo's Lisp-like text handling capabilities, and bizarrely, trying to write an adventure game, using the turtle graphics for some primitive CG, but alas, it was beyond my ken. And I never did get into Lisp. (The C bigots got to me first, and I learned to despise interpreted languages. Ironically, I'm most comfortable with Perl these days.)

I should've been a computer nerd. But then I'd probably be out of job right about now, too.

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