Mon, 22 Sep 2003


adventures in print serving

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As I noted previously, I had purchased a Hawking Technology 2 USB + 1 Parallel Port Internet Print Server, for use with my Canon i850 Photo Printer. Lo and behold, the i850 does not play all that well with network printing, at least not with the MacOSX drivers provider. A quick search on Google yielded that there were in fact Linux printer drivers (on Canon's Japanese site) that allow network printing (via CUPS.) Thus, I am using the driver for the Canon BJC-7004 (using the bjc800 PPD.) It also took me a while to figure out how to set the PS12U's IP address. You have to assign one with arp (arp -s IP address print server's MAC address XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX) as the instructions suggest. Once you've set the IP address, you can either use tftp as outlined in the instructions, or you can simply telnet to the print server, which has a menu-driven console interface. Enabling DHCP led to some confusion, as my router quickly assigned an IP address. (I forgot exactly how I found it again.)

The next trick was to get CUPS on MacOSX to print to the Canon i850 via the PS12U. This required GIMP-Print and the instructions outlined in LinuxPrinting's CUPS Quick Start. Just for the record, GIMP-Print 4.2.6-pre1 for MacOSX wants its filters in /usr/libexec/cups/filter/, so change the symlink for foomatic-rip accordingly. Finally, I couldn't figure out how to use Print Center to set it up, so I resorted to using CUPS' web interface (point your browser to http://localhost:631/admin), added the PPD and restarted the CUPS daemon. Works like a charm, though, as has been mentioned by other people, it's a little off. But it's close enough, and if I want to print something really nice, then I can always cart off my iBook and park it in front of the printer so the USB cable will reach. (I know, I'm a lazy bastard. I got the print server just so I wouldn't have to do that.)

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