Sun, 15 Feb 2004


adventures with QT/Mac and KDE

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I have embarked on a quest to compile KDE against QT/Mac so that I can run KDE apps natively instead of running them with X.

I finally got QT to compile cleanly, using the instructions on how to compile QT/Mac by Ranger Rick as a reference. I don't know if the instructions don't work exactly as stated because Qt/Mac is no longer beta, or if there are other reasons, but what I did was somewhat different (NOTE: I will assume that you are very comfortable with the command-line and have some experience with compiling from source):

  1. Untar the archive to whereever you want, such as in ~/.
  2. Set $QTDIR to point to whereever you unpacked the archive. For example, ~/qt-mac-free-3
  3. Add $QTDIR/bin to $PATH
  5. ./configure --prefix=/opt/qt-mac
  6. make
  7. sudo make install
  8. Change $QTDIR to /opt/qt-mac
  9. Reset $PATH, $MANPATH, and $DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH to reflect the change in $QTDIR

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