Sun, 20 Feb 2005


bluetooth ipods


I knew it was only a matter of time. Bluetooth-enabled iPods. (It's only a rumor.)

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Sat, 06 Sep 2003


stackable iPods


Let me write this down before I forget about it, but you know what would be really cool? Stackable iPods. An option to daisy chain multiple iPods via Firewire and have the firmware regard them as a single unit. So that you could walk around with iPods strapped to your belt like so many packages of C4, with enough music to let you walk from NYC to L.A. without having to hear a single track twice. What's the URL to Apple's suggestion box, now?

On a related note, instead of Firewire, maybe they could just build in 802.11g or something like that. So you don't have to wear the aforementioned belt of iPods when you just wanted to stroll around or something, but then when you got into your car, with an iPod network sitting in your trunk, you could have all 3 million of your songs at your disposal.

Of course, I have no idea what sort of latency this would impose. I mean, sometimes my 2nd generation completely full 20GB iPod stalls when trying to scan for the next mp3 to play, so who knows what sort of delays you might have to deal with if you had 10 iPods networked together. But then again, people are willing to deal with the delays involved with a CD changer, so how bad could it be?

With the 802.11g option, though, I imagine we'd be dealing with a hell of a lot of RF interference. Maybe you'd have to use Bluetooth?

Well, I am not an engineer. Go to it, boys and girls.

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