Thu, 21 Aug 2003


airport (802.11b/g)

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I don't know how I got sidetracked into playing with my DSL connection, but I stumbled onto the Apple AirPort Weblog. I'm telling you, man, pervasive computing is becoming a reality. Hotspots are popping up everywhere. Ain't technology great? And this, despite the rupture of the tech bubble.

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Name/Blog: Badr
Title: How did you like how
Comment/Excerpt: How did you like how Nature of things aired their show on Fracking brfoee Wind Rush . Either CBC was trying to show how big business is crushing the little guy or some one named David was trying to under mind our concerns regarding turbines.Regardless, I thought it was a good start to reveling the negatives to wind even if it didn't go for the throat.

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