Tue, 26 Aug 2003


wifi everywhere

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I've been saying it all along, but a revolution is at hand. "Wi-fi hits the spot / Businesses find wireless Internet connection entices customers to stay and pay a little longer".

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Name/Blog: Kleisson
URL: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003407198253
Title: MECCjujzZQfnMy
Comment/Excerpt: I also think that the fluctuations are very real. More kids are back in scoohl, teachers, etc. Many of these places have the standard windows browser because these people do not have admin privileges so they are forced to use IE. That is the main reason behind it being still so popular.Some people have both IE and a Mozilla so they use different ones some applications only open previews in IE even when Mozilla is the default browser so they have to be ahead, plus people who have no idea anything else exists and new PC owners.IE already has an unfair advantage. I think the PC manufacturers need to start installing other browsers on systems, sure would be more useful than the 30-day trial antiviruses.

Name/Blog: Alejandro
URL: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003407198710
Title: RsmSEqcwvrmBUlaoF
Comment/Excerpt: It's surprising how Firefox loosnig market share but it's also logical: IE users are mostly the common I've just bought this PC to use internet'-type people, most of them absolutely don't know and/or interested what kind of browsers do they use, but Firefox users are mostly developers, or friends of developers, or just people who are not afraid to try something new. Based on this logic, it's not surprising why the latter kind of people switched to Chrome first. Chromium is also available for plugin development now, we hope Chrome will be a stable, good platform for future web development.

Name/Blog: tqodaxzbzf
URL: http://zgkdvhycdhas.com/
Title: kNrLiALS
Comment/Excerpt: KJ6gK0 <a href="http://bumrujnkhvah.com/">bumrujnkhvah</a>

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