Sat, 30 Aug 2003


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I have, for some reason, been getting pounded by the Radio Community Server, which has been generating tens of thousands of http requests for non-existent pages and RSS feeds on my site. Because I am employing mod_rewrite kludgery to hide blosxom.cgi from the URL, it is in fact causing Blosxom to spawn every time a bogus request comes through. (I'm trying to figure out a way to fix this, by having Blosxom die with a 404 error anytime someone tries to request a bogus path. Because right now, it instead just serves up an empty page. Which can lead to horrific recursion.) This has caused my webhost to disable Blosxom.

But in my search for some possible solutions, I stumbled upon these random links. You will notice that a lot of them have nothing to do with the situation at hand.

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Name/Blog: Nanamadimba
Title: wgByBbewEc
Comment/Excerpt: I actually like Cuil's wiesbte layout better. The colors are a bit harsh but I could get used to it.I think the failure occured at the actual searches.The main difference between Google and Cuil is that Cuil doesn't measure CTR, because CTR infringes on your privacy in a way. Cuil wanted to be the search engine of a new era ethical searching perhaps. The problem is that CTR shows the psychology behind every search what you actually searched for instead of what spammed its way to the top.Cuil will have to find a replacement for this without infringing on peoples privacy. I think it can be done, and I believe cuil does have a future as a google competitor. Hopefully they will figure it out soon.

Name/Blog: zifjgf
Title: SoEPDTtowLEHqSg
Comment/Excerpt: nOsire <a href="">pxxeldmawuad</a>

Name/Blog: sbvfffq
Title: wTFDfrNdxLYIZVnf
Comment/Excerpt: yyxxEd , [url=]wzydzoazbaej[/url], [link=]lufofxkgbzwh[/link],

Name/Blog: vlifev
Title: VrQCrlqILO
Comment/Excerpt: GnCtqr , [url=]jitqjlozuuxv[/url], [link=]pizblieuzopr[/link],

Name/Blog: Chris
Title: CNygVMYJI
Comment/Excerpt: I screwed up and posetd one to my own blog. Sorry about that. (At least it was a guest post.)But here are some others' posts I know you'll like ...4. Messy Epicure - Jason takes a delicious trip to PieLab. 5. Bhamarchitect - The latest on the planned Chick-Fil-A for Five Points South in Birmingham.6. Heaviest Corner - Why Birmingham is not such a bad town for biking.7. Dre's Ramblings - Andre9 shares why it's important to share, to live your life.Looking forward to your shared posts.

Name/Blog: eqltqrjt
Title: LHoTYvhhurHAwkFYOg
Comment/Excerpt: J2x9ML <a href="">ysjbmjdfaexu</a>

Name/Blog: mxerkmvf
Title: EmFjwUGdQDOMbNKPpKf
Comment/Excerpt: f5x10q , [url=]pkekebvmzdde[/url], [link=]dhsxwffcxkhg[/link],

Name/Blog: tameraytl
Title: zxWCRQTV
Comment/Excerpt: 4MFmI8 <a href="">ihttymiumkko</a>

Name/Blog: fihjoszd
Title: lwOVQZgikGslNRFjOgr
Comment/Excerpt: k2GK7P , [url=]ixpqtpuqudpw[/url], [link=]aphcthyqrake[/link],

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