Thu, 25 Sep 2003


the matrix has you

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An article advocating using CSS over <table>s, written as a "Matrix" parody.

(Incidentally, does the IMDb have an API a la Google or Amazon? Because, if not, I just thought of another reason to write my blog entries in well-formed XML. I could write a Perl script that would rip out all the <a> tags with hrefs pointing to the IMDb and create my own local hash of IMDb IDs to movie titles, as I link to the IMDb a lot, so that I wouldn't keep on having to visit the actual site.)

(Even more incidentally, another reason is so I could use a Perl script to figure out what sites I link to a lot. And even more incidentally and trivially, I could figure out which of my <a> tags don't have title attributes. The possibilities are endless. And maybe ridiculous, but everyone needs a hobby.)

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