Sat, 26 Feb 2005


spammers must die (reprise)


So I've disabled trackbacks since some bastard has started pinging pr0n sites at me, which is not that great of a loss since no one has pinged me since I started using Blosxom as my blogging engine. I wish I could eviscerate these spamming scum.

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Mon, 27 Sep 2004


spammers must die


I just spent a ridiculous amount of time cleaning up the spoor of some spambots targetting Blosxom blogs. I have enlisted the help of Doug Alcorn's modified writeback plug-in and his spam killing tools. We'll see if I can stop these dirty bastards.

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Fri, 23 Apr 2004


allow initial numbers in category


I just realized that Blosxom won't let me use category names that start with a number (like, for example 3p-omni) and this is for good reason: so that dates don't get confused with category names and vice-versa. Of course, I was dissatisfied with renaming the category to something like thirdpersonomniscient, so I decided to hack on the source (which is probably a bad idea, but I can't do this as a plug-in)

The result is this patch that allows you to have category names that start with numbers. WARNING: this has not been well-tested!!! I have no idea what I may have broken by doing this. YOU MAY NUKE YOUR BLOG!!! You have been informed. Usage implies consent.

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Sat, 20 Sep 2003




amazon_buybox is a plugin that generates code for items at, creating a link to the description, pulling the image file, and creating a "buy" button.

The following element <blosxom:amazon-buybox asin="ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number)">description</blosxom:amazon-buybox> will be turned into:

<div class="amazon-desc">description</div> <div class="amazon-image"> <a href=" ID"< <img src="" alt="picture of description" /> </a> </div> <form method="POST" action=""> <input type="hidden" name="asin.B000003RGY" value="1" \> <input type="hidden" name="tag-value" value="associate ID" \> <input type="hidden" name="tag_value" value="associate ID" \> <input type="submit" name="submit.add-to-cart" value="Buy from" \> </form>

You can customize the elements that contain the description, the image, and the whole thing.

See this entry for an example.

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Tue, 16 Sep 2003




A new plugin that gives you links to entries that immediately precede or suceed the current post, chronologically speaking (although a tweak to the sort routine will change that.) I shamelessly stole the code from the tree plugin by Ryan Schram, the behavior of which is more sophisticated, because it descends and ascends into and out of your category hierarchy. I hacked out a few bits here, grafted on a few bits there.

Read the documentation for more information or download chrono_nav and just dig in.

chrono_nav is not very aesthetically pleasing unless you use it in conjunction with interpolate_fancy (or interpolate_pseudoxml if you like verbosity like I do.) Without being able to do conditionals, chrono_nav will pollute your index files with bogus "prev" and "next" links. With interpolate_fancy, you can show links conditionally, depending on whether you are at the first post, the last post, in an index.

For example:

<?$chrono_nav::prev unlike="^bogus_ante$"><a href="$chrono_nav::prev">&lt;&lt;reverse</a> |</?> <a href="">home</a> <?$chrono_nav::next unlike="^bogus_post$">| <a href="$chrono_nav::next">forward>></a></?>

This will generate home | forward>> on the first post, <<reverse | home on the last post, and <<reverse | home | forward>> on every post in between. (Notice the kludgery with the bogus tags. I can't seem to make $chrono_nav::prev and $chrono_nav::next return undef.)

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