Mon, 18 Aug 2003


creatures of the night

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I dreamt that I was part of an art collective, and in the art collective there were werewolves and vampires. I didn't find this out until I got invited to an after party.

Then I had one of those weird dream moments where I was two people at the same time. Like I had simultaneous 1st person and 3rd person perspective. Anyway, my main character, my protagonist, either got bit by some kind of lycanthrope in the dream, or had already been bit by some kind of lycanthrope, but hadn't gone a transformation yet since the moon hadn't yet been full. Anyway, somehow, I/he gets into a fight with a woman he later realizes is a vampire, and gets bit. He then gets into another fight with another vampire, but begins to change. Maybe some reaction between the werewolf and vampire bites. Anyway, it gives him power to throw lightning bolts.

Eventually, either the offending parties are destroyed, or the argument is cleared up somehow, and the main character demands that he and his friend be allowed to crash at the place (his friend happens to be me, at least, my observer character)

Another part of the dream involved arguing with my brother about the insecurity of our wireless LAN.

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Name/Blog: Terrell
Title: I totally agree with
Comment/Excerpt: I totally agree with Sara. We live in Mac and have gone every weeeknd since it opened! We have a great time! Whoever thought of the concept of the slides out of the 747 was a genius!

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