Sun, 24 Aug 2003


to all the girls i've loved before

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Strange sequence of dreams over the past weeks, dreaming of women (nothing dirty) that I've loved, pure and chaste from afar, as it were.

Hanging out, her belly already gravid, the simple, heart-rending beauty of knowing that we are friends, that I have some small place in her life.

And then there was the elementary school crush.

The wedding that I stopped, so I could let the woman who saved me what I really feel.

And then the woman who kept me company in the lonely darkness of a new city, whom I have missed.


Then there was a dream of music video with Justin Timberlake in it. I think he was seriously covering a Culture Club song. He had a huge puffy afro, crazy puffy, like his head was spherical, and it was streaked with pink!

And then wandering around the city, and things weren't where they were supposed to be, some strange hybrid between the Windy City and the City of Angels, and I met up with E, whom I haven't seen for a long time, waiting for her brother to join us. We were going to look for a bar in Wicker Park, except Sunset Blvd. ran through it, so that I lived somewhere between Downtown and West Hollywood, and the eclectic shops were huge in a way that things are huge in the suburbs of Chicago, in a way they can only be huge in city so spaced out like L.A. The other guys lived on Sunset (or Division, take your pick) somewhere where Cabrini Green would be, except that it was Echo Park, sort of. These geographically odd dreams are always interesting to me.

Times like this, I wonder if I may just very well be going mad. Oh well. It's out of my hands.

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