Tue, 26 Aug 2003


med school fear of blood desensitize

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People search for the most interesting things and end up finding my blog somewhere down there deep in the recesses of Google's soul. (I have a disturbing feeling that we are accidentally building an AI here, but enough tin-foil-hat conspiracy theories.)

Some one was looking for "med school fear of blood desensitize" and wound up at this old entry.

The poor bastard. Don't worry, I still get vasovagal when I see my own blood. I remember the first C-section I scrubbed in on, I got a little woozy. It's been a while since I've seen liters of blood just gush out like that. I don't think I ever saw a trauma that bloody. I don't think I've seen a ruptured liver that bloody.

I hate blood. And yet, I insist on doing a hematology rotation. How ironic.

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