Wed, 28 Apr 2004


off the matrix

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Now I realize that most people find it extremely boring to read blog entries that discuss the blogger's profoundly mundane personal life, but, well, (1) I am clearly not doing this for my vast throngs of readers and (2) I find this situation sufficiently absurd as to warrant comment.

Because my roommate that I hate has skipped town and has shut off the phone and the DSL, I am informationally marooned. I don't even have dial-up, unless I'm willing to resort to using my cel-phone as a modem and spending a small fortune. I don't know what's more pathetic—the fact that I don't have regular Internet access, or the fact that I am so desperate for it.

So now I am sitting in a smoked-filled cafe (yep, that's right, because I'm not in California, it is, in fact, smoke-filled) surfing the net. I'm an addict. I clearly need professional help, but anyone who knows me knows that this is true on many levels.

But what is absurd is the fact that, while I do in fact have a laptop, it has no keyboard. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to spill some water on my laptop and I managed to render the keyboard effectively useless. While about 75% of the keys still worked post-spillage, this 75% did not include vastly useful keys such as "Escape," the letter "E," or the "Delete" key. For a while, I was trying to subsist using the Character Palette and some aggressive mousing manuevers, but this only aggravated my indolently-progressing case of RSI.

So I bought a full-sized keyboard. I admit it. I feel extraordinarily ridiculous pulling up a full-sized keyboard in a crowded cafe. It looks like I've fucking set up shop here. A guy has just looked at me incredulously, asking in amused bewilderment just what the hell happened to my keyboard.

Even more absurd is, because I didn't want to pay $120 to get a new keyboard, I decided to try my luck on E-Bay. Hilariously, the only thing I found was an iBook keyboard from Japan, complete with Kana.

I feel I am approaching the height of my geekdom.

So that's that. At least it forces me to leave the apartment in order to check my e-mail.

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