Thu, 21 Aug 2003


something good is gonna happen

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I found this pretty cool site called Fluxblog: A Return To Form that hosts a lot of eclectic mp3s: interesting cover versions, songs that utilize really bizarre samples, that sort of thing.

On it, I found "Cloudbusting" by Kate Bush [link to Fluxblog] which I only just now realized is sampled in the song "Something Good Is Gonna Happen" by Utah Saints [lyrics]

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Name/Blog: Zhoujun
Title: JKixcMcMQFmdDtF
Comment/Excerpt: Different isn't always beettr. Even if Cuil had come out of the blue with no presss, they would be hard-pressed to prove they're beettr than Lycos, Webcrawler, or any of a dozen SE's in the B' and C' list. Google's format is simple, but also probably the best way to display information. Also Cuil might find it hard to keep their index current since their Twicler bot has ticked off so many webmasters for over a year already. Google/Yahoo/MSN might at times gobble a good amount of bandwidth, but nothing like this evil bot. I would imagine people have been writing in droves for months (like I had to), demanding to be delisted from their search index. That can't be good for business if search is what you do. A year from now, people will be saying Whatever happened to that search engine with the funny name? .

Name/Blog: pmsdbobvkoy
Title: GpjfHQXRhA
Comment/Excerpt: Eurb8O <a href="">jaafvvcpyczd</a>

Name/Blog: zmiryhmwtka
Title: NbPoVacKjqEIeZKBEEY
Comment/Excerpt: Mk0x7R , [url=]mureqoiusfld[/url], [link=]ttwabyzpbfeu[/link],

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