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r kelly "step in the name of love"

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Does R. Kelly realize how calling himself "the pied-piper of R&B" has some possibly pedophilic associations? (Read "The Pied Piper of Hamelin")

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Name/Blog: ms.pebbles
Title: comment on the story of the pied piper n R. Kelly
Comment/Excerpt: The pied piper led all the mice and children away by playing the flute which is music. I believe R. Kell calls himself the pied piper by his musical abilities. You can't say that he's not writing hits cause everything he touches is platinum. He's just telling us that he is the pied piper of music and that we will be memerized by musical abilities. Now tell me have you ever liked any of R. Kelly songs. If like me I love all of them so to me he is a pied piper in a positive perspective as far as his musical abilities. You have to admit he has many talents.

Name/Blog: brandon
Comment/Excerpt: the pied piper lead all the rats away. when r kelly comes he leads all the women (rats) away with his voice

Name/Blog: aswang
Comment/Excerpt: See, what I find disturbing is that the Pied Piper, in the end, leads all the children away from Hamelin. Given the allegations and the videotape evidence, I think he may be admitting too much by identifying with the Pied Piper.

Name/Blog: austine
Title: he is the realy pied piper of R&B
Comment/Excerpt: i like his songs because they cover everything thst s per son can fill,like when you are divorce you can listen "if i can turn back the hand of time" and if you are in trouble you can listen to "heaven i need a hug"all these songs can match with your fillings in differents ways

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