Sun, 18 Dec 2005


emiliana torrini "sunny road"

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I think I have a thing for Icelandic women. I stumbled upon the single "Sunny Road" by Emiliana Torrini I think somewhere on the iTunes Music Store. The album it's on is "Fisherman's Woman" which juxtaposes her sweet gentle voice with pretty acoustic guitar accompaniment. I don't know why, but it makes me think of the California coast, and light rain.

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Title: LakYtxNWi
Comment/Excerpt: Actually, that suggests a quoteisn. Are spirits able to see what colour of spectral energy a normal human will have and only possess those who will be the same colour as them, or is it entirely determined by the colour of the spirit that possesses them?Also, even though I think this is something that I'll have to wait to learn, I wonder how the colour of a Spectral's energy is determined when their conversion is due to be exposed to a lot of spirits/ghosts/tools (presuming that each one will have its own specific colour)?

Name/Blog: Gerti
Title: tSkLTPlL
Comment/Excerpt: Wait, but that means that the bat was manipulating his life so that he would move there, then made him go to the<a href=""> cseolt</a> instead of the activity club, and then made Isabel push him in as they ran past, and then finally made him chose it over the other available items in the bin Man these things are scary.

Name/Blog: Eleonor
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Comment/Excerpt: If you read the archives (and this is one of the more re-readable<a href=""> cmoics</a>), you will see that the bat was trying to draw him into the comic even before Max could fully see spirits.I believe Isabel is in the foreground, so the bat's actions aren't something spectrals can just sense.

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