Mon, 23 May 2005


m83 "gone"

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In some ways, I am careening off the edge of sanity.

I wasn't the only one alone in the restaurant that evening. Another gentleman who looked quite inebriated sat across from me, looking harried and upset. Me at a later stage of illness, perhaps, if I let this kind of thing spiral out of control. Right now it is in its subacute phase. The EKG looks abnormal, but my vital signs are still stable.

I drove randomly to Coronado today. Naturally, the place I wanted to eat at was closed. So I wandered around the nearby bookstore, checking out a cute girl out of the corner of my eye.

After that, I jetted back to Mission Valley and got something to eat. And drink.

As far as consequences go, I am at that point where my answer to everything is "I don't care."

I am not exactly at the apex of my mental health.

So I threw down $100 at the Borders, searching for enlightenment between the lines. It continues to elude me, of course.

I think maybe that I've stopped making sense a long time ago.

Or perhaps I've never made any sense.

If I can only manage to hold my shit together for another three days. Now that's a big "if."


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Name/Blog: Caz
Title: / David .how on
Comment/Excerpt: / David .how on earth do you expect us to siuvre on 20 second snippets??? LOLCan't wait to BEGIN. listening to your entire masterpiece.You have recoreded 2 songs I have never heard before that are fantastic. You chose great songs with superb messages and if this might be a direction your music takes when you come back from your mission so excited!!!I don't care what song you sing you always aways always make it amazing, superb, fresh, unique and so playable!!!!Thank you, Kari and the entire team for putting this together in such a short time. Also, please thank your friends and family for being so gracious in allowing your precious time to be used to leave something so special behind for all of us and them to enjoy.You are loved!!:O)Jennifer Barry

Name/Blog: Medha
Title: / David:Wow. thi
Comment/Excerpt: / David:Wow. this 20 second sneppit is breathtaking. I love your voice on this song. I am beyond amazed at what you accomplished in the short amount of time you had to complete everything before your mission. I am so blessed to be your fan and all of your fans are so thankful for the gift you have given us.I am so excited for everyone around the world to hear your voice you will be captivating the world with this CD!!

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