Sun, 11 Jan 2004


I am become Death

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not blame nor recompense no assuagement, no consolation, nor your brutal pity just a fair retelling of this grievious tale

the words are all that are left the tainted residue charred ash upon bone white scrawl, sprawl, scritch-scratch breaks the silence

los alamos

the consuming blight of the land and of the fisherking's body and my heart, my soul leaking out in fitful coughs blood flecks upon my lips still i stand wasted upon the hallowed hearth wastelands all around

waiting for the light to shine furtive rasp of flint on steel the wind steals the last bits of tinder

the gray is worse than the darkness and still the sky bleeds white, then whiter the sun only rises in my memory but i do not feel her comforting warmth upon my skin

trod the empty plain cattle long gone to slaughter ice in my breath blood freezing i sneeze still-frame, silence death delivered in a million tiny droplets even death dies in the void oh God, the hills are no nearer

i heeded the siren's song fled wildly into the barren desert (and though barren, the hardy grasses cling jealously to the ground steal every tiny sip of water--in this empty place it is kill or be killed they cannot hear you scream) saw visions, knowing only that i am sunstruck my empty gaze reaching into the cosmos and all the stars are burning at once until all i see is light

the treacherous ground finally betrays me stone against skull (crashing together like flint and steel) my heart, my soul, seeps onto the earth

though sightless, my eyes still harbor embers fading as the starlight burns away everything

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