Tue, 20 Jan 2004


words like fallen leaves

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now is the depth of winter when the heart mourns for warmer days when the sun hides behind the swirling clouds and light plays games with the fog and the shadows teasing with the bone-chilling brightness and the darkness comes before you expect it gaping like the black abyss and the neverending fall

and the words do not come quick-frozen, stillborn in my soul not so much as a whisper escapes between my cold-cracked lips

dry, listless wind spinning the dead and fallen leaves raspy sussurations against the frozen ground reach out to catch one slips away

like snowflakes grasp out, they melt into raindrops mingled with sea-brine tears

creeping dread upon my soul lost in the fog and the shadows not knowing which way lies the rising sun I reach for the words like rough-hewn handholds in the dark, bitter night failing, crumbling in my hands as I touch them I am afraid to climb, yet fearing to fall

struggle to draw forth the words (like living water, turned to slush in the copper pipes) the shape and form of warmth and brightness the flickering flames of life's sweet bliss crackling embers in the hearth and even the memory seeps away cold and hollow

to not know the name of things to lose, each one, bit by bit, drop by drop, to the endless howling wind of winter's dearth desperately digging through the drifts and banks seeking warm loamy ground

perhaps we must just wait for the ground to thaw

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URL: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003406334963
Title: VBsyyMqMuQVVHZJMzk
Comment/Excerpt: your comic is the time worth. It's not that you lose readers. I'm from Germany and disceverod your comic the last few weeks. I will wait as long as I must to read new panels. Just don't give up on your comic. Get well soon and I hope you can sell a lot of comic books soon.(sorry for my bad english)

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