Wed, 01 Dec 2004



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the light the rain, the spilt shifting sand and lightning fog like ripe blossoms dessicated by the desert's furnace winds withering breath

we swear upon the souls of our grandmothers our grandfathers all this shit-stained mewling and bloody nothingness destiny makes us all miserable wracked with horror and agony sunk into tiny particles of despair of decay we wonder time and matter and free energy and freedom let it ring! some dream some trick some hoax each second is a four dimensional prison if there was only a way to flow between into the cracks and fissures of reality

we try to draw this out this ichor this poison as if with activated charcoal after downing an entire bottle of pain-killers how to kill the pain is to kill one's self and there is no other way around without resorting to sophistry

we sing like lightning and thunder and the hurricane winds rip roar around us like man eating predators like the lizard kings in the days before the meteor and still like tongues of fire like the roiling sea I cannot cease crafting nonsense words for all the things I will never understand

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