Mon, 10 Jan 2005



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brain gasps, grasps, futile struggle, gripping, fingers digging, crumble fall

we spin so far out of control, brute force of a landslide, an avalanche crushing gravity

even light cannot escape

still my soul glitters like the spewed-forth remnants of a giant supernova star guts strewn across the heavens like a gruesome motorcycle accident or mauling by a lion God's entrails hanging from its mouth

even in beauty there is a reminder of death

spend all of life avoiding the only thing worth wanting the tired silence of the grave regrets not of life but of not living

the seconds pass like tiny diamonds falling into the drainpipe into the sewer flushed down like shit and toiletpaper gold scattered about carelessly like dandelion fluff like cigarette butts and ashes

Do I grieve the inevitable? that final passage into the long, dark loneliness of forever? Or do I weep that I have nothing to fill this time with but lifeless words dropped like cold stone from my lips

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