Thu, 04 Mar 2004


the road to CHLA

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On the way to work in the morning, I've opted to take a street that has four names, maybe five depending on which way you believe it goes. Maybe even six.

So it starts off as Brand Blvd. in Glendale—essentially it is Glendale's main north-south artery. It then enters Los Angeles at Atwater Village, where it turns into Glendale Blvd. As it crosses the L.A. River, it actually splits up. If you stay in the thru-traffic lanes, it becomes Hyperion Ave, which is the way I take. (The off-ramp passes under the cool old-style bridge and continues as Glendale Blvd., eventually leading to Downtown L.A. I'm hesistant to call Glendale Blvd. a contiguous route, because of all the turns you have to make to stay on it. But if you accept that Brand Blvd. is contiguous with Glendale Blvd., and Glendale Blvd. runs straight through despite having to take a ramp off of Hyperion Ave, then having to turn left at the intersection with Rowena Ave., and then there's that questionable fork where the road splits off into Fletcher Ave. on the left and Glendale Blvd. on the right, from there on out, Glendale Blvd. essentially merges into 2nd St., thereby connecting the central business districts of Glendale and L.A. This is also, incidentally, the route of an old Red Car trolley line, evidenced by the fact that Brand Blvd. is so wide that the parking spots are perpendicular to the street, rather than the usual parallel to the curbside, and that a huge median runs down Glendale Blvd. through Atwater Village as well as in Echo Park. I kind of wonder what route the trolley took at the Hyperion/Glendale splitoff, and how it ran through Silver Lake. But eventually the line continued underground where Glendale Blvd. intersects with Beverly Blvd., 1st St., and 2nd St., terminating at the Subway Building in Downtown L.A.) Anyway, Hyperion Ave. winds through this area intermediate between Silver Lake and Los Feliz, and eventually turns into Fountain Ave. Fountain essentially splits off into Myra Ave. if you turn left, and stays as Fountain if you go straight. Fountain Ave. past this intersection, however, is a minor two-lane street, whereas Myra Ave. is much wider, especially when considering how much less traffic it used to carry. Myra passes underneath Sunset Blvd. and eventually merges with Santa Monica Blvd. (old US 66)

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Name/Blog: Carin
Title: Community Service pr
Comment/Excerpt: Community Service projects.I have been asked to rrecod our contributions to other organizations of donated time and supplies for the Greater Good .Our Guild members built a shoe rack for 180 pair of shoes for the YWCA, Tacoma, in June for their Glam event and fund raiser.A group of members made 120 wood frames for a Veteran Housing in Renton-soon to be delivered. We learned task organization and group assembly line format.One or two members made craft kits for a Church day camp.A couple of members along with high schoolers from Rogers H.S., Puyallup help a group of young campersd at Camp Goodtimes ( Children's hospital Camp).More projects are available for future activites when funds come available.Our Meeting in August will be our annual Swap meet and mini symposiums.We will acept visitors who may be intersted in the Guild- it is a very informal meeting.We hope to start by 6 :30 and coffe and cookies will be available.Sept, Oct. and November will be visitors months if you want to come check out our group.Looking forward to seeing some new faces.Anne

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