Mon, 18 Aug 2003


divine intervention

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Just when I've given up all hope on God and love and miracles and the possibility of lasting happiness, things just magically work out.

Heh. You'd think I won the lottery or something.

It's really amazing the small trifling things that will make you happy when you've gotten used to never-ending misery and have lowered your expectations so low that an amoeba wouldn't be able to limbo beneath it.

I'm happy just when things don't explode in my face. I don't really expect things to ever get better. I'm just happy when things actually don't get worse.

But the attending physician in charge of my rotation finally called me. The requisite paperwork finally came in. I am no longer in mid-rotation purgatory.

I feel like throwing up.

Man, I have severe mental problems. I really should have my head checked.

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