Thu, 25 Sep 2003


ass monkey disease

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My winters are spent simply ENDURING. Distracting. Hurrying to the next warm spot. Driving through sludge and muck and sleet with my head down. In NYC I spent my winters standing on the above-ground Queensboro number 7 platform. Grinning maniacally into that horizontal sleet that seems to fall only when there's a slow down in train service and you know you'll be there for 45 minutes.
I want blistering fucking heat. Blazing sunshine that burns my bones. Long drives with the window wide open and bugs exploding against my windshield. Exposed midrifts. Feet up, light breeze, birds chirping. Call it seasonal affective disorder or call it "ass monkey 2000", I don't care.

A fellow sufferer of seasonal affective disorder. I've been bitching and moaning about SAD since I've had a blog [1][2][3][4] Yeah, the part that causes serious damage to my mental health begins in March (because surviving February is not an easy task for me) and often extends all the way to May. December and January are endurable only because of the holidays. Of course, the build-up is taxing as well. The waning sunlight absolute kills me. By the winter solstice, I am pining for sunlight the way a drowning man gasps for air.

I'm hoping that by taking pre-emptive action, and high-tailing it to California this winter, it won't be as bad. So I'm crossing my fingers.

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