Wed, 29 Oct 2003



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Again, I am perhaps entering a situation that seems remarkably familiar. (Sisyphus' stone rolling down again.)

I will not feel sorry for myself, or mourn my fate, although perhaps I will always be tempted to do so. I am just remarking on what appears to be my destiny.

When there isn't a big target to aim for, no magnificent plan laid out, all that matters is the details.

Day in, day out.

It will be OK, one way or the other.

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Name/Blog: Asep
Title: Dave, great tip and
Comment/Excerpt: Dave, great tip and an important rimdneer to all of us that the message and presentation is so key, and not the length of the video or how little/how much it costs. Also, the video looks so crisp and clean, what HiDef camera are you using, and the fall foilage makes me jealous here in Florida! Originally from Pennsylvania and miss the falling leaves in mid October.

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