Wed, 28 Apr 2004


when you see a fork in the road

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When I was in 8th grade, our English teacher would give us a prompt every day, and at least 15 minutes to write about it. This is probably the first time I thought about becoming a writer. Sadly, despite the various signs that the universe has given me, and because of my faith in the inevitable heat death of the universe and the odds that favored the outcome that I would become a mediocre writer at best, my path has turned quite bizarrely astray. But sometimes I still dream.

(edited for typos—my brain is seriously turning to mush)

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Name/Blog: iwillflywithu
Title: Ah
Comment/Excerpt: = )

Name/Blog: Nano
Title: 1SpecialSong / I
Comment/Excerpt: 1SpecialSong / I am going to be totally hnseot, I HATED the original version of Don't Give Up (too slow, could've had more done with it, but amazing lyrics, so it was frustrating in that sense), but when I heard David's version, tears just came to my eyes. Very impressed! BEGIN. is going to be my STUNNING! :D

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