Sun, 06 Mar 2005


sleep is for the weak

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So as I noted, I stayed up for 32 hours the past couple of days. I figured that I'd take a four hour nap, pack, and then head up to L.A. to visit my parents. Heh.

So I wake up around 9am the next morning, completely disoriented, with eye-boogers glueing my eyelids shut. I feel completely dehydrated, getting orthostatic when I stand up to pee, which is miraculous that I still can, considering that I have been NPO for 24 hours, and I was already dehydrated when I fell asleep. Nevertheless, both my flanks ached, and I was sure that I had developed bilateraly kidney stones.

It is now 7:30pm, and I still feel dehydrated.

I don't know how people in relationships, and especially people with families, survive this madness.

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Name/Blog: Doug
Title: Sleep
Comment/Excerpt: Dude, you NEED sleep. Everyone does. Sleep deprivation is unhealthy & can be dangerous (particularly if you're driving).

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