Tue, 03 May 2005


against all odds

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For some stupid reason, I have Phil Collins in my head. Wonderful.

Of course, there's the cover version by The Postal Service which I find entertaining.

I can't go to sleep because of the acidic feeling in my stomach. I had fallen asleep at a ridiculously early hour, but this pain has woken me up. And, now awake, it's gotten me thinking, and as usual, one thought has led to another.

I am thinking that maybe my sudden feelings of loneliness are more symptoms rather than an actual disease process. I think that it is merely a manifestation of my stress, as I hang on dearly, trying to make it through these last few weeks of my intern year.

It is always darkest in the last hour before dawn. Or so the saying goes.

The thing that keeps me going is the notion that things are supposed to change for the better once I get past this madness.

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