Mon, 30 May 2005


nowhere but nowhere

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Currently Playing: "As Long as I Can Dream" by Expose Mood: generalize dissatisfaction with the universe at large

The only time I felt at peace during this weekend was (1) when I was asleep (and they were sleep periods of epic proportions—I do not doubt that I slept more on the three days of the long weekend than I have in the two weeks preceding) and (2) when I was in transit.

These days, it seems that nothing makes me happier than being unconscious, and barring that, barrelling down a 12-lane freeway at 90 mph.

I seriously need a vacation. I need to go somewhere where no one can bother me, where I can just brood on my own, and, as usual, stare at the sea.

I really don't understand why I let my mind get totally fried like this.

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