Sat, 23 Jul 2005


questions for miss manners

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now I'm no etiquette nazi—far from it—but the following wedding goings-on strike me as just a little gauche:

  1. A 32 year old man does not get his own invitation, but is instead lumped in with his parents—with whom he does not live with. Bizarrely, his sister and her husband are not invited at all.
  2. The bride-to-be's aunt is invited, but not her husband (and, no, they are not divorced.)
  3. Acquaintances are invited over close family members.
  4. Many people—including close family members—are invited to the bridal shower but not to the wedding or the reception.


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Name/Blog: 32-year old man
Comment/Excerpt: no kidding. i'm still undecided whether or not i can bring a guest.

Name/Blog: infiniti
Title: where u at?
Comment/Excerpt: did that wedding with miss ill-mannered stifle your blogging abilities? where u at? howyadoey?

Name/Blog: Dhe
Title: / You are so hila
Comment/Excerpt: / You are so hilarious David! 5 mtnuies of vlog is definitely not too long! :D Great to hear that you're enjoying your tour.. I really hope you can go back to Indonesia someday! And this time I hope I can meet you personally.. :3 *im dreaming*Just want to say, hope you'll have a good time in Vietnam and Malaysia and please please please, do visit Indonesia again in the future. :D

Name/Blog: Yeni
Title: Dee / David,It's
Comment/Excerpt: Dee / David,It's not easy trying to dcbirese & put into words how much this 20 second snippet affected me at first listen. Let me BEGIN by thanking you for who you are and for gifting us with this short but powerful reminder of why we are still here now & forevermore. Only you, with your sublime voice, can show us what a little bit of Heaven is with a few magnificent notes in a mere 20 seconds!

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