Fri, 07 Oct 2005


is it friday already?

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the thing that sucks about my job is that for the most part I only get one day off every week. This means that, for the most part, Friday doesn't mean jackshit to me. Probably because I have just recently been let out of my cage and have actually been cavorting in the World Outside™, only to be penned back in again, I was acutely annoyed by how much fun the rest of the world seems to be having.

for sheer companionship and affection, you can't beat having a dog. the week I descended down into the Pit of Despair™, I had my sister's dog Pazzo as a constant companion. being that for the most part he is cooped up in my sister's apartment, she usually takes him out twice a day. this task devolved to me while I was in NYC. Man, sometimes I can't help but feel envy for the life of a dog. you don't have to worry about food or shelter, you can sleep all day, and the best most wonderful thing to look forward to is the daily walk.

Pazzo is rather well housebroken, and he exhibited supreme bowel and bladder control, to the point where he would whine in agony rather than soil himself. He would always remind me that it was time to go for a walk by headbutting my leg and trying to climb up me and claw at my face. So, at least, that was one thing that was fun, and which I miss.

When I got back to L.A., we tried to start walking our family dog Angel more regularly as well. Unfortunately, unlike Pazzo, Angel is extraordinarily antisocial. He has bitten people with little provocation (luckily he doesn't know how to rend and tear flesh—it's like his teeth don't work properly) The other thing is that, unlike Astoria, where my mom and dad live is on a decent sized hill. It makes for one good workout, but it is difficult to convince me out of my lazy stupor to go.

I've thought of getting a dog, but I realize that I wouldn't have the time, energy, or patience to housebreak him. And, if the condition of my potted plants upon my return to San Diego are any harbinger, I would probably end up guilty of canicide.

fuck, I have to work tomorrow.

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Name/Blog: Nathalie
Comment/Excerpt: O OMG!!!! This was a totally shock for me! XD I even think I alosmt fainted when my friend (Earthy) pointed out that the little boy was little Feral. :O But that same friend of mine got me into this comic and I couldn't stop reading it the first time! =D You guys are so great with this comic! ^_^ Keeping coming up with those awesome drawings of the story! :3 But so I can't wait till the next page.

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