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the man in the high castle

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Another link I found on Neu-York, featuring an imaginary map of New York had the Axis won WWII (A topic that Philip K Dick covered quite interestingly in his book The Man in the High Castle, although he focused on the West Coast.) All the streets have been accordingly renamed in German. Now someone has to make a map of San Francisco under Japanese rule.

And some day I have to post my map of Unreal City (apologies to T.S. Eliot), which was inspired by some bizarre recurring dreams I've had where L.A., Chicago, and New York were one gigantic city (and which also inspired this poem).

Ah, alternate realities. I also wonder what would've happened if Mexico had maintained its territorial integrity during the Mexican-American War. Would it have been strong enough to wrest control of the Philippines from the Spanish? (Which wouldn't be off the wall since the galleon trade necessarily passed through Mexico when it was still part of Nuevo Spain) What would've happened during the World Wars if the Confederacy had survived the Civil War? What about if California had maintained its independence? (Again, not completely off the wall, considering that in present times, California's own economy is larger than many nations, even many developed nations, their current $38 billion debt nonwithstanding.) What if California ended up partitioned into two, or even three states? (There was a drive by northernmost Californians—north of Sacramento to the Oregon border—to establish the state of Jefferson.)

What if. What if. Heh.

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